1. Redemption, Book 1, Urban Paranormal, Author Edwina Fort
    Redemption (Book 1)
    Right When You Thought Beauty and the Beast Was Just a Children’s Fairytale… Possessing a rare beauty, extremely sheltered Yasmin flees a murder scene in the middle of the night from her small country town in Texas. Feeling like a fish out of water, she ends up in one sticky situation after another trying to survive the mean streets of New York. When it seems as if things can’t get any worse, she finds herself in the clutches of the one they call “The Beast”. Now she must find a way to free herself from a man with enough seductive power to hold her body prisoner before he captures her heart as well. Gabriel Calhoun is a complex man who is use to getting what he wants by any means necessary. His viscous nature in the corporate world and on the streets lands him the name…“The Beast of New York”. When he sees Yasmin, he is instantly drawn to her innocent beauty. But he will soon learn that something’s can’t be taken but must be given. And something’s won’t be given without first seeking…Redemption.
  2. Redemption, Earth's Cry, Author Edwina Fort
    Redemption Earth's Cry (Book 2)
    How far will a mother go to protect her child? When faced with losing custody of her daughter to her dead husband’s wealthy family, Earth is willing to risk it all, including kidnapping the youngest brother of the formidable Melech Black, a Black Seminole tribal chief and leader of the family trying to unjustly take her child. Only she does not kidnap the youngest brother as planned, but instead, mistakenly poisons and grabs Melech Black himself. Now she has a man in her clutches that is too much for her to handle and after only a short time, the lines soon become blurred as to who is truly in control. How far will a man go to hold on to the woman who brought light to his world? Being gifted with the ability to control fire has made Melech Black a very cold and dangerous man. He doesn’t take threats lightly and never leaves an enemy undealt with. That was until he found himself kidnapped by the very woman he’d secretly lusted after for a long time… His dead brother’s wife. Black knew she was off-limits while his brother was alive. Now that his brother was dead, could he finally have the woman he so desperately desired? Or would she resist? Follow the audacious and tenacious Earth and the deadly Melech Black on their journey to love and self-discovery.
  3. Coming For What's Mine, The Law Boy's Series, Author Edwina Fort
    Coming For What's Mine
    You think you know how the game is played. You have no idea… In my world the Gansta’s on the street are feared. I had no way of knowing that once I accepted a Botany Scholarship at Georgetown University I was going to be unwittingly thrown into the savage biosphere of politics. I’ve come to learn that here in D.C., the politicians are the real gansta’s, and that they are far deadlier than anything we common folk could ever imagine. However, I would soon find out just how dangerous the political milieu can be. It is a place of glamour, lies, and power. Trust the wrong person, and you can end up dead. I gave into the Senator’s son one night, allowing him to take what I had never gifted to another. It was the single most amazing thing I would ever experience. But that one night of unbridled passion would send my life spiraling into uncharted territory. The fruit of which I carried in my womb while fleeing to protect my unborn child… I knew she was to innocent to be pulled into my world. A world that was more treacherous than a pit of vipers. However, I could no sooner quiet my hunger for her, then I could the roar of an oncoming tornado. She gave me my taste, and I found my new addiction. But then she fled from me and became my new obsession. Now, nothing will stop me from, Coming for What’s Mine…
  4. Coming For What's Mine 2, The Law Boy's Series, The Politician, Author Edwina Fort
    Coming For What's Mine 2 - The LAw Boy's Series (The Politician)
    The Conclusion of Book 1 I almost believed the look of pain that came across his face. Almost! My heart had turned to stone. At least that’s what I convinced myself. So, no matter what he said or what he did, I will not turn back. “J please, ask me to do anything else. Anything. Just—” He paused for a moment, his eyes searching mine. “Just don’t leave me…” His words made him very vulnerable. He was taking a risk even uttering them. Vulnerable like I was watching him walk into his party with another woman on his arm. “Do you love me?” My voice was cold. “More than anything in this world.” Be strong, sista! He doesn’t mean it! “Then let me go.” Will Journey and Joseph's Love survive the betrayal? Will all those that conspired against them get what they want, which is to see these two torn apart? Can she ever find it in her heart to forgive him? Find out in the conclusion of Coming For What's Mine...
  5. Falling for Rome, The Law Boys Series, Author Edwina Fort, Edwina Fort
    Falling For Rome
    For Nakhti life has not been easy, and although she was the only child of an abusive mother, abandoned by her father, because she was not born a son, she is determined to be stronger than anything her parents could have imagined, and becomes a US Navy SEAL, a feat accomplished by few, and even fewer women. It isn’t long before she is recruited by the FBI and eventually becomes a hired assassin. It’s safe to say that she’s proven herself several times over. Now 34, she’s exhausted and is looking to retire from a life of danger. However, she is given one last assignment, which brings her to the doorstep of the ruthless gangsta and drug dealer, Romeo Reevers, who lives in the heart of the ghetto. On the outside, Rome looks like your average thug, but within is a genius that if discovered, could make him one of the government’s most coveted prizes. Will this thug and his brilliant mind be able to break down the walls of battle-hardened Nakhti or is her heart too damaged by her mother’s abuse to be revived? Because of his extraordinary intelligence and abilities, Rome knows this will make him a target of the powers that be, therefore he is very untrusting of others, including the gorgeous and sexy assassin who’s captured his heart like no woman has ever done. One is afraid to love and the other is afraid to trust. Will this unlikely pair be able to let go and let love in or are they doomed before they even begin?
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