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  1. Redemtion, Paranormal Romance, Urban Romance, Edwina Fort, Author Edwina Fort
    Redemption - A Paranormal Romance (Book 1)
    I was messing with fire. He reeked of danger. He was so far out of my league, yet it was me he watched, so why not give him a show. I was safe in this cage. He could not get to me. My eyes closed as pleasure shot down my spine. I can't explain what it was like teasing a hungry beast, especially knowing that he couldn't touch me. It was like being watched by a lion behind the glass at the zoo. His consuming, hungry gaze washed over my body, leaving a flaming path in its wake. I moaned as a shiver went through my core. Needing... I didn't know what I needed. But I needed it so bad it hurt. He leaned over and said something to the man that sat next to him that was dressed in a white linen suit. The man's gaze fell on me, before he nodded and stood coming my way. What Happens When You Tempt A Beast... Raised by an overprotective grandfather, Yasmin possess an extremely rare beauty that is unique to the women of her bloodline; to some a blessing, to most a curse. He teaches her how to disguise her looks for the few times they venture away from the safe protection of their farm. Suddenly, her fierce protector dies leaving her to face this great big dangerous world all alone. Her grandfather always told her that her looks attracted demons and beast alike. Little did she know that her first assault would come the night of his funeral. In a thinly veiled effort, the mayor of their small Texas town would come pretending to check on her. In the middle of an attempted rape, she ends up unintentionally murdering him. Knowing she now needs to run as far away as she possibly can, she leaves Sweetwater Texas for the first time in her life and ends up in New York City. Homeless, practically penniless, and with a seeded past that she's desperately trying to outrun, she accepts a job working at an upscale gentlemen's club mending the costumes of the dancers. All goes perfect until one of the girls call in sick on the most important night for the club's owner. You see, she had managed to book a party for Gabriel Calhoun, a black mogul, known to most as The Beast of New York. A name he'd earned not just because he ruthlessly staked his claim to the American pie, but also because he is the only son of the late great Calhoun--a notorious gangster that terrorized the streets of New York before he was mysteriously murdered. Just as his father, he garners fear in the hearts of men wherever his presence is known, because he carries a secret. Underneath his designer suites and clothes, he possesses strength not of this world. Unbeknownst to him, he has been chosen for a sacred brotherhood of warriors to fight in an impending battle between good and evil. A destiny he does not want. However, it's one he is going to have to face whether he likes it or not. The strong hand of destiny causes Yasmin and Gabriel's paths to collide. Their first encounter leaves her afraid, yet awakened to a passion she never knew existed. While Gabriel is left craving her innocence and addicted to a taste so sweet, he will stop at nothing to possess it again. Their second encounter ends with her hands chained to the wall of his cellar, and at the complete mercy of his fury. What will happen when sweet innocent Yasmin finds herself enslaved to the one man with the power to destroy her completely? And can a man so ruthless, control himself enough to retain this rare jewel? Find out between the covers of Redemption...

Now Available!​

Edwina’s stories will entice you and draw you in, she’ll then take you on an adventure that will make you laugh, smile and even cry. The realness of her characters will make you feel like they’re your lifelong friends. Edwina is a hidden jewel you’ll want to share over and over again.

-Jade, Author of The Magic Of it All, Tell Me You Love Me, and Thomas

Edwina Fort’s stories are amazing! She writes with such brilliant detail, it feels like I am watching a movie, rather than reading a book. Sure, her books are called romance novels, but they are so much more than that. Her stories are funny, adventurous, and suspenseful. I could read them over and over again. At one point I fell out of love with reading and Edwina helped me to love reading again.

-Rebbecca, Graphic Designer

“From the first chapter of the first series, I was hopelessly addicted to her Love Story series. Edwina is masterful in her ability to capture her audience. I am so looking forward to future works by this author.

-Bernadette “Kizzy” Johnson

My favorite author to date is Edwina Fort. Her writing gives such a vivid picture, that I can see each character in detail and it makes me feel like I’m a part of the story!

-Ahuvah, Set Apart Living, YouTube Channel

About Me...
From childhood, writing has been my passion. The call to put ink to paper has entangled the very fiber of my being and finally has exploded onto the first of a series entitled Redemption.​
Between lengths spent composing for my endeared readership, I also am a wife and the mother of eight.
Together we run a  5 acre farm with a few animals that keep me plenty busy when I'm not writing.