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Right When You Thought Beauty and the Beast Was Just a Children’s Fairytale…

Possessing a rare beauty, extremely sheltered Yasmin flees a murder scene in the middle of the night from her small country town in Texas. Feeling like a fish out of water, she ends up in one sticky situation after another trying to survive. When it seems as if things can’t get any worse, she finds herself in the clutches of the one they call “The Beast”. Now she must find a way to free herself from a man with enough power to hold her body prisoner before he captures her heart as well.

Gabriel Calhoun is a complex man who is use to getting what he wants by any means necessary. His viscous nature in the corporate world and on the streets lands him the name…“The Beast of New York”. When he sees Yasmin, he is instantly drawn to her innocent beauty. But he will soon learn that something’s can’t be taken but most be given. And something’s won’t be given without first seeking…Redemption.